Risotto with prawns

Risotto with prawns

1,10 lb of shrimp, fresh or frozen
1,10 lb of rice for risotto
1 clove of garlic
3-4 parsley leaves
1/2 cup white wine
1 cup of tomato sauce
About 1 liter of fish stock
pepper to taste
oil to taste

Risotto with prawns is traditional dish of the coastal regions of southern Italy and the islands. In the houses of fishermen you are cooking it in an optimal way using freshly caught raw material, but you can make this dish in a very simple way by going to the fishmonger of confidence and trying to follow simple guidelines.
Preparation times are around 45 minutes.

Cut the garlic and the parsley into small pieces and put them to fry in a little oil, add the shrimp after splitting the heads of the queues, but do not peel them. Immediately after pouring the white wine and let evaporate for a few minutes.

Now you can add the tomato paste and chilly, in quantities to taste, and cook everything together for about five minutes. In the meantime it is necessary to toast the rice in a saucepan together with a special little oil, pour it in at the end of the roasting pan where the sauce was prepared.

Cook for a few minutes over medium heat and, gradually, add the fish stock to help cook the rice. For this step, be used about 20 minutes, which are of course variable depending on the rice used. After cooking the dish should have a creamy consistency.

How to serve:

Serve the hot rice in a serving dish decorated with the heads of shrimp and fresh parsley leaves to have colour. This is a dish that lends itself well to be preceded by an appetizer of sea as a stir-fry or a shrimp cocktail. Risotto can be used with a good white wine such as a Chardonnay sparkling served fresh.

People: 4

Cooking time: 20 min

Preparing time: 40 min

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