The Chioggia public fish market

Chioggia has a strong and ancient tradition of fishing. It’s for this very reason that fishing has been a vital industry for this town located in the Veneto region. It’s easy to see why the Chioggia fish market, open to the public, has become a crucial factor for the marketing and sale of all fish products. The market itself is located between the main town piazza, Piazza del Popolo, and the Canale Vena close to the Palazzo del Grano and is made up of roughly thirty market stalls set up by fishmongers from the outskirts of town, known locally as “mògnoli”. To get to the Chioggia fish market make sure you go via Portale a Prisca, a city gate entirely carved by Amleto Sartori. The fish which is sold in the Chioggia fish market comes from a wholesale market also located in the town. Once the fish is offloaded from the boats at dawn, the catch is subject to some sales negotiations and is then distributed to other fish markets, including those open to the public. Good lagoon management of the fish supply means it is possible to supply both sought after fish such as sole, bream, sea bass and scallops but also more modest species such as sardines and anchovies. Best sellers are of course squid, calamari, mantis shrimp, octopus and crab, and there is a constant demand for shellfish, mostly clams, mussels and cross cut carpet shells. The new fish market was established in 2002 and has managed to grow and increase both in physical terms and also in relation to the technologies used for the storage and sale of fish. It’s a picturesque location where tourists often stop by to enjoy and taste Venetian culinary delicacies, the entire operation run, of course, according to current hygiene regulations. This is a go-to destination for local foodies who know they can buy fresh fish at good prices in a place where the local authorities regulate trade to the public. The town of Chioggia has been able to amply develop this market due to the many types of fishing conducted in the lagoon and in the open sea. There are many fish species which are farmed, above all bivalve molluscs and trawling, fixed nets and “turbosoffianti” are just some of the methods used to catch fish. The freshness of the fish at the public Chioggia fish market is ensured by a regular daily catch which arrives at about four in the morning, so that the fish is on the stalls before the day begins. If you are in the area, don’t miss the opportunity to see this renowned market, and experience something quite unique.