Basket of grain pasta and prawns

Basket of grain pasta and prawns


300 grams of baby bibs
10 or 15 prawns peeled shrimp
150 grams of parmesan cheese
clove of garlic
olive oil to taste
half a glass of white wine
a few tablespoons of mayonnaise

The first thing you need to prepare the baskets of grain needed as a basis for the pot. Take the grated cheese and is divided into four equal portions, add olive oil as needed until the mixture is spreadable. Roll out the dough on a sheet of baking paper trying to flatten the cheese making four circles. It puts in the oven for five minutes at 180 doing great attentions that will not dry out too.

Once removed, in fact, the cheese must still be soft enough and should be resting on the bottom of a small cup of aluminum to assume the typical shape of a basket and left to dry. You put water on to boil for the pasta and in the meantime prepare the sauce with the prawns.

Apart from four large prawns, the other is chopped and cook them in a pan with the garlic, oil, salt, pepper and parsley. Finally, pour half a glass of wine and let evaporate the whole. When the water boils, you have to cook the pasta, which is drained a few minutes before it is fully cooked.

Better to choose a type of pasta as long as the tips, noodles or spaghetti purposes. Finally we have to put the pasta in the pan and stir the whole with the shrimp. Using a spoon and a fork, take the dough and put it in each basket of grain, previously removed from paper cups. Put on the whole prawn, a little ‘mayonnaise, and more parsley. Cook for thirty minutes in an oven at 150-160 degrees and then put in the pot and serve.

Pair with: a sparkling wine or a crisp white and a second with salmon.

People: 4

Preparation: 60m

Cooking: 30m

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