Consorzio Sapere

The Consorzio Sapere has been a wholesale fish market company in Chioggia since 2007. It began as a commission agency with a young company identity, professionalism, reliability and with quality products and services.
It manages two stands, with relative warehouses, equipped with refrigerating rooms for the temporary storage of products from its suppliers, that awaits to be sold quickly through direct selling or auctioned off to the best bidder. In case of surplus, the product is placed in dedicated refrigerating rooms awaiting to be sold in the next round. The maximum care in the observation of correct sanitary procedures is guaranteed in all phases of product transition.
The company distinguishes itself for its complete selection of fish products: from local fresh fish (fished and bred), national and foreign, to frozen and conserved fish (brined, marinated, smoked, dehydrated, etc.) from seas around the world.
Besides, we turn to European partners that supply us with excellent products, both for quality and freshness, both fished and bred, so that we can guarantee a constant supply of fresh fish to our clients, especially in the “fishing ban” period.
An important detail for the market in which we operate is that our company can offer guarantees on payments to our clients through the Cassa di Mercato that operates as treasury, carrying out all bank operations relative to the market. In fact, all earnings from sales can be credited daily on your own bank account via immediate bank transfer.

Number of the box at the wholefish market: 9A / 10A
Telephone: +39 041 404920
Fax: +39 041 404920

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